Workshops: Victor works with a number of educational organziations and conducts private workshops. Some of the groups he works with are Bravo, SOTA, Creativity Explored, and Horizons Unlimited.

Victor's Statement:

"It's been an honor to be a part of this process. We have savored together the spices, the flavors and surprises of creativity. This has also been an experience that entailed critical analysis, deep thought, risk and the delight of the unexpected. Submerged in the etching press of creativity, students transferred their thoughts and deeply held beliefs onto paper, using a newfound language, printmaking. It is without doubt, that after this project, these leaders will paint their daily lives with new textures, colors and symbols.  Gracias to each and everyone for your trust and willingness to risk". - Victor Cartagena


Video from The 2009 workshop:

BRAVO! is a pilot project of the Principal Leadership Institute. Bravo is designed to help school administrators integrate arts into local schools by letting them try their hands at various art forms. This program, which is part of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of education.

BRAVO! 2011


SOTA San Francisco School of the Arts sponsors a collaberative workshop in Victor's Studio through the writing department.

Victor works with students in his studio at Project Artaud.


Bravo Printmaking students



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