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Victor Cartagena Works on Paper

Working and exhibiting as a professional artist, Victor Cartagena chooses to dedicate part of his time to education of youth.

In all the time that I have known Victor, he has completely dedicated all of his energies toward his life work as an artist. The results of this labor can be seen in his prints and painting, all of which are created with the highest standards of quality, integrity,passion and dedication. - Dr. Debra Koppman, 1995

The work of Victor Cartagena is very true to himself and his life experience. His memories from his home country are painful yet mistical. They are a spiritual jorney in search of identity. Nevertheless his monoprints areimages from an imaginary country that has no geographical boundaries, a country different from his or any body’s home country; a fictious land to which many of us belong.
- Enrique Chagoya, 1994

Victor Cartagena is one of the most prolific artists I know and someone capable to bring to his art countless variations of sentiments. Victor’s prints build full narrations allowing the viewer to participate in a theatrical reality. Victor’s  print  are an open door into an intangible world of sighs,secrets,fears and, above all, passion for life. - Claudia Bernardi, 1995

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