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"Tatuajes de la Memoria (Tattoos of Memory) is a metaphor for an inhuman and cruel reality, "the act of torture;" a technique, a method that inflicts physical or mental pain as a means of punishment or coercion. 

Every single person in these black and white photographs is superimposed with a graphic image from the illustrated method book that was implemented under the direction of the School of the Americas in El Salvador in the 80s; forty different ways to inflict torture.

We find ourselves confronted by history’s irony, desperately trying to decipher this mark, this stain, this tattoo that is so deeply imprinted in our memories. These tatuajes de la memoria are symbols of times of repression, dictatorships, abductions and disappearances.  There is an urgency to see the scars heal, the tattoos erased.

El Salvador suffers a collective blindness, a historical amnesia.  Torture is a censored and not talked about subject.  Still, torture continues to exist in the world; the same methods, the same implementation. And the memories persist. "

- Victor D. Cartagena, March 2011

Tattoos of Memory
- Tatuajes de la Memoria - 2011

Victor Cartagena © 2013