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As a first installment of a program of exchange and collaboration between APOTHEKE and The Museum of Art of El Salvador (MARTE), APOTHEKE presents 'See, Memory', an exhibition of works by the Salvadorian artist Victor Cartagena and the Brazilian-Salvadorian media artist-activist Aleksander Aguilar.

The APOTHEKE / MARTE collaboration will culminate in 'It's Hard Selling Land', an exhibition of Cypriot contemporary artists, which will take place in mid-2012 at the Museum of Art of El Salvador, and will be curated by Demetris Taliotis and Evi Tselika.



Exploring notions which have an ever-present and privileged position in Cypriot discourses, such as that of political memory, of the iconography of the traumatic, as well as that of the aesthetic and visual configuration of post-traumatic elucidations of the personal and the local, 'See, Memory', more than an exhibition is also the inauguration of an extensive research process into all the above, amongst artists, cultural agents, collective and organizations from Cyprus and El Salvador.



See, Memory

Victor Cartagena © 2013