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from Clandestine Poems- "forgive me for helping you understand that you're not made of words alone" - Roque Dalton

Dalton wrote about his county, his people, and about his life; a life he loved dearly and that survives him through the voices and images of his texts. His poetry and all of his work was a direct result of his critical personality-sincere, vital and rebellious. It is through Dalton’s poetry that we understand that poetry exists everywhere, in the news, in the streets, even in the discourse of the dictators. It exists in religious orations, in the yells and shouts heard in farmers markets, in the writing of postcards and in children’s games. In his work, one finds a deep humanity, his reaction to an unjust society, his conviction to fight against his reality, in order to transform it. Dalton’s poetic language is full of sarcasm and a refined sense of dark humor. Banned.pdf

Yes, "we are not made of “words alone,” Dalton’s words were banned and he lost his life because of them. - Victor D. Cartagena


Mixed Media Sculpture
Banned and Recovered - Oakland Library - 2008

Victor Cartagena © 2013