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Work from this series was first exhibited at Ampersand International Arts, San Francisco in 2005 and at Stephen Cohen Gallery, Los Angeles in 2006. Victor continues the theme with a public interactive video.

"anatomy of la mentira: red noses”

Statement: We lie.  We lie all the time, constantly, systematically.  We lie for pleasure, we lie out of compassion, we lie to get out of an obligation, and we lie to win someone over.  We lie about our age, out of pity, to be mischievous, to take advantage of another, to gain electoral votes, to start wars, out of fear—and we lie, just because, to lie.  Lying, like laughing, is a human trait.   Human beings have always lied to themselves and others.  In lying, words become creative tools.  We lie as a form of attack, and as a form of defense. Lies.  Lying.  Liers with red noses. There never have been as many lies, as in these times.  Lying is happening at a massive scale, minute by minute.  Avalanches of lies are covering the world, causing human suffering and complicity.  Lies are fabricated in large quantities and are disbursed to the masses through the written word, through images, through sound bites.  Technical progress exists in the service of lies. 

We all carry a “red nose” along with us, to save us from the truth. A little lie now and then can’t kill anyone.   Or can it?

Victor D. Cartagena

Reflections on Victor Cartegena’s Red Noses - April, 2007
by Susan Stauter, Artistic Director , Arts , San Francisco Unified School District

Victor Cartagena © 2013